Update Leader Positions using Position Manager

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An update was made to the process of setting functional positions in your unit, district, and council in my.scouting.org. That has moved to the “Position Manager” tab on in the “Organization Manager” page. This update also now allows the Chartered Organization Representative to change adult registrations without the need for an application.

The new Position Manager tool, found on the Organization Manager page of My.Scouting updates and replaces the current Organization Security Manager and gives any currently chartered unit the ability to change leader registrations without having to fill out applications and take them to the council office.

Position Manager allows Chartered Organization Representatives and their designees to change any leadership positions, except the Chartered Organization Representative, with the drag of the mouse. It will require overnight sync, and then the new leadership position will be updated in the unit.

The assignment of functional assignments like Key 3 Delegates and Membership Chair can be done in Position Manager too. The linked Job Aid illustrates the new tool and its features.