I am a Life Scout who has finished all my Merit Badges and completed my Eagle Project; what do I do next?

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Great Question!!! Use this checklist and you should be in great shape!

Get Started

Fill out the most recent Eagle application. It is available here: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-728_WB_fillable.pdf

    1. Be NEAT and CAREFUL filling out information.
    2. Be ACCURATE with dates.
    3. Work with your Scoutmaster/Advancement Chairperson/Eagle Coach/Advisor during this process.
    4. Have all appropriate signatures filled in.
    5. As part of requirement 6, create your statement of life ambitions and purpose document.
    6. Attach “e” above to your Eagle Application.

Submitting your Paperwork

When your ORIGINAL Eagle application and Statement of Life Purpose are completed, and before you turn 18, mail the ORIGINAL Eagle application and Statement of Life Purpose only to the Council Office at:

Daniel Webster Council
571 Holt Avenue
Manchester, NH, 03109


Hand deliver to:
Nuttle Lodge
Camp Carpenter
300 Blondin Road
Manchester, NH, 03109

Your Project Write-up

Write up/Finalize your Eagle Scout Service Project Report. Include as much detail as possible; pictures (in print or electronic) are a nice touch as well.

The Eagle Scout Service Project Report is available here (third part): https://www.scouting.org/programs/scouts-bsa/advancement-and-awards/eagle-scout-workbook/

Do not send this to the council with your application.

Eagle Service Project Summary

Fill out the Eagle Service Project Summary Form. It is available here:


Your Final Board of Review

Your District Eagle Board will contact you after your Eagle Application and Statement of Life Purpose are received by Council and verified and forwarded to your Eagle Board Chairperson. The list of Eagle Board contacts is here:


When the Eagle Board contacts you to set up your final board of review, he/she will specify whether you are to bring copies of your Eagle Scout Service Project Report or to e-mail a copy to the board prior to the meeting.

Please be patient – it could take up to a month between the time you submit your application to Council and the time you are contacted by the Eagle Board.

Once you are contacted by the Eagle Board, you will be instructed where/when/how your Final Eagle of Review will take place, what you should bring, and who should be present with you.